Friday, November 19, 2010

The Best Second Kiss in Movies ???

I was watching the last 30 minutes of "Last of the Dogmen" last night before work. It is the best Tom Berenger movie I have seen. Anyway, near the end and he leaves Barbara Hershey with the indians. The have developed a relationship but short of physical, he gives her a kiss goodby and gets on his horse and starts to ride off, the stops and turns the horse around and rides back and gets off the horse and gives her a great big passion kiss. Nice! I thought to myself, there is a subject for a posting. Whats the best second kiss in filmdom.

If I remember, The Jack, kisses Helen Hunt a second time near the bakery after the first was rather lame. Anyway, there are two to consider. Let's hear comments from you movie peeps regarding this important subject.


Sue said...

Last of the Dogmen? AUGHAUGH!!! Sorry Dad, but Cam and I hated this movie! We watched it a few months ago on cable and it was one of those that was so bad to us, we just had to keep watching it. Now everytime one of us notices it is on cable we tell the other one their favorite movie is on. And I think Platoon is Berenger's best movie.

Good idea for a post though dad. I'll have to think about it. The Nicholson/Hunter one is definitely a good one.

Pops said...

I respect your not liking Last of the Dogmen. Don't understand it but that is okay, everyone's taste is different and that is a good thing.