Monday, November 22, 2010

Guess the Mippin Bovie

WooHoo! Go me! So this was a total fluke- Saturday night I went to go hang out with the girls who live in the apartment upstairs from me, they fed me some pie and we all sat down and watched Taken.

To be honest, I don't care for the movie much. I'm not a huge fan of ridiculous plots and unnecessary, over-the-top action flicks. The daughter was so stupid she made me wanna slap her around a bit. But on the upside, I do likes me some Liam Neeson, and he definitely was a B.A. in this movie.

Even having seen it the night before, I probably wouldn't have won if I hadn't spent so much time quoting and laughing and making fun of Neeson's character. So cheesy, so macho, too easy to poke fun at. I remember when Kyle made that prank call , 'twas a glorious moment in comedic history.

Here's your Bippin Monday Quote:

"I'm so excited. That was my very first felony. I've commited a lot of misdemeanors, but I do believe that was my very first felony!"

It's Wednesday and I have yet to receive a guys are making me nervous. Think! Thin! Think!

Wednesday Clue:

"We're goldfish people, we're antfarm people. We're not dog people."

Let's give this sucker away....

"No matter how many showers I take I still smell Beethoven all over me."

Good Luck...Bart Luck.


Dan W said...

Fun post, Alex! No clue on the movie so far. Ah, the joys of reflecting on one's first felony!

Looking forward to the playlist to come.

Pops said...

not much action on the blog this week. Not much of an idea on the movie. Some ideas are starting to come around. I'll give it a guess in a little bit. Happy turkey day! YeeHaww!!