Saturday, November 20, 2010

WTB: Taken

Alex won!!! Yay Spoon!!! He saw the movie Saturday night, and then got it at noon on Sunday. Lucky choice of film!! Pops got it next, I have to share his message because it was so dang cute. "It's the girls dad. She gets kidnapped in Paris (ha, Paris, France, B.) Laim Neeson goes after her and kills a bunch a guys. Good action flick and revenge plot. My favorite plot and I saw this again about 6 weeks ago. I am pretty sure the quote is from "TAKEN". It took ahwile to put it together." I didn't choose it because it spends a lot of time in Paris, but that's such a cute thought. Also, LAIM Neeson. Lame Neeson, hehe. Anyways, the rest of the Wotherspoon family got it on Wednesday after the second clue, then Emily, Amy, Susie and Haley all got it after the Friday giveaway.

I've only seen this movie once, but it was very entertaining. SOO unrealistic, but still fun. I remember making fun of a lot of things, the giveaway line being one. How stupid the girls are, how the daughter runs everywhere she goes, how laim :-) it would be to follow U2 around Europe, the girl wanting to leave her father's side and run to her mother after her ordeal, etc. It's one of those one in a billion scenarios that's still fun.

I'm going to miss my playlist :-(


Matt said...

Haha! I have to make a few comments on this one.
Kyle and I alway exaggerate the Giveaway hint in a mean old man voice. "I have a particular set of skills..." We just thought it was so corny and awesome. One time Kyle wanted to prank call Haley and Marcus, so he did and that was all he said, like 3 times!! haha!
Also, I totally remember watching this with Sarah and Chris Cains and Sarah noticed that the girl "runs everywhere she goes" as you said in your post B. It was SO FUNNY to keep noticing it over and over after she had pointed it out.
And yes, following U2 around Europe... YUCK.

Dan W said...

Way to go, Alex! Looking forward to the new contest this week.

Admit it, now: All you haters would still go to a U2 show and really enjoy yourselves.