Saturday, November 6, 2010

What The Bip!

Yay! I won, I won! That was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid. Loved John Denver! And George Burns was so cute.

Here is your first quote for the next WTB! Oh yeah, Laura, if you are wondering what is going on, we do a movie quote thing once a week. I was the first to guess last week's movie correctly, so I get to pick the movie for this week. We do a quote on Saturday, a second one on Wednesday, and then a final one on Friday. You send the person doing the movie, me for this week, your guesses through Facebook messages. The winner also gets to pick the music that plays on the blog for the week. I decided to go all David Bowie for this week. I've been in a Bowie mood lately.

Okay, here is the quote:

I love it here. You don't have to put on your coat to go to the bathroom.

Here is your Wednesday quote:

Person #1: I hope he falls and breaks his neck

Person #2: I'm sure he'll fall, but I don't think we're lucky enough to have him break his neck.

Here is your Friday quote:

Surprised? Eddie If I woke up tomorrow morning with my head sewn into the carpet, I wouldn't be anymore surprised than I am now.


Laura said...

Thumbs high for the Bowie. Love it. I love movie quotes but a little out of practice. Will try my best however.

Pops said...

Congrats, Sue. Good to see you on the board. Teri Garr again. Next time Dan wins, I'll just IMDB Teri Garr and figure out the movie. Easy Sauce!

Matt said...

The first minute of "Oh You Pretty Thing" sounds like an Adam Sandler song. haha!

Dan W said...

Totally! Wow, Matt. Fun to hear it listening for that...

Amy said...

Wow, I don't have even a clue on this one, Sue. I sure I hope I haven't seen it, cause nothing sounds familiar.

Amy said...

I agree Matt! It really does. Funny