Thursday, November 18, 2010

Good Luck Bart Luck

Just going through older posts and thought Dan needed an answer to his inquiry regarding "good luck-bart luck"

Well, I guess to understand this completely, you have to know (and you probably already know, being a part of the fam) that in this family-

#1 Nothing slides. If you do something even a little embarrassing, it doesn't go unnoticed. You don't get away with anything.

#2 It is usually repeated and quoted for years and years, and ends up being a TOTAL exaggeration of how it was originally spoken or done.

So, about 5 or 6 years ago, Amy, a few of her kids, and I were playing the game "Pit" on the Phisters living room floor. It was REALLY late at night and we had been playing a long time. If you aren't familiar with the game, it is based on the stock market and you all play at the same time without taking turns, trading commodities by yelling "2!!! 3!!! 3!!!" and so on. It makes for total chaotic maddening fun.

Well, in between games we got talking about our individual game strategies, and Amy wanted to say something like "I always have good luck trading barley"

But- it didn't quite come out like that. (I think you can probably see where this is going now)

She said "I have always good luck...with...bart...luck" HAHA!!

I'm sure we have all started a sentence wrong, and it just goes downhill from there. You just can't seem to bounce back and pronounce your words right, or you can't stop making crazy word combinations as your brain tries to correct your earlier mistakes. Perfect Wright laughing material.

Not only were the words totally freaking awesome, but I seem to remember a very monotone, tired voice saying it. Which has now transformed into putting your hands in nerdy "Spock" position and saying GOOD LUCK... BART LUCK in a robot voice.


I happen to have a picture of "good luck bart luck" in action!

This picture took place while Matt was on his mission and we were together playing games and things got a little silly. We missed Matt, but we happen to have a cardboard cut out of him (well, of George Bush with Matt's face on it), so we parked him with us while we played games and did "good luck bart luck" so we could send it to him.

(Special note: Cat got the hands wrong if you look closely).



There you have it! I can't wait for our next victim... Oh, and you better believe I have been the brunt of many family laughs. But mostly it's Catherine.



Dan W said...

Thanks, Matt! You definitely named the Wright family dynamic, which is totally wonderful. I am part of a group of a dozen friends who meet each month and we do the same thing. No one gets away with something misspoken or over-exaggerated and then it becomes an inside joke forever. All in good fun like this one.

And happy to know now that Amy has good luck with barley!

Amy said...

Hahaha. I needed a good laugh this morning, even though it's at my expense. That's OK. I think it's just as funny as anyone. Do you remember that night how hard we laughed when it came out that way? I thought we were going to wake up everyone that had gone to bed earlier. Oh man, good times!

Emily said...

Good luck bart luck cracks me up so much. My favorite part about it, is when Matt does it, he not only does the robot voice and the spock hands, he dances the robot a little.

ps- I updated the post with a little surprise.

Dan W said...

Great pic! You guys are way too much fun.

I now am remembering that cutout of Matt at Sue's wedding. Am I right?

Haley said...

I specifically remember being woken up that night from the loud laughter and thinking, "wow something really funny must have just happened!" I don't usually go to bed while games and things are going on for this reason. I always miss something so now I stay up way too late and nothing funny ever happens! Haha.

Amy said...

What? Nothing ever fun?! Haha. You're right Dan. That cutout was made so Matt could attend Sue's wedding. I've noticed Cath's hands being wrong, too. Heehee. Thanks for the addition Em.

Amy said...

Haley, maybe we just need to play Pit again!

Sue said...

It is so true that you can't get away with ANYTHING in this family and it will go on for years and years and get exaggerated.

One of my favorites is about me. It was on that family trip we took to California where we had the two cars and walkie talkies. The trip where "Oh father of mysteries" was started. I was in the car with Amy and Scott and I think we were at a rest stop. I was drinking a coke and had just poured some in my mouth when Scott said something that made me laugh. I had to laugh and I didn't want to have it spew out of my mouth, so I just kind of let it drizzle out of my mouth. To this day, Scott will act out as if I have a lawn sprinkler coming out my mouth. I'm sure everyone has seen him do that to me.

Matt said...

Oh yes Sue. Many times. I love when he does the sprinkler!

Matt said...

I've never heard that story though. Good stuff. That was a monumental trip it seems. Or at least a lot of things get brought up that happened on that trip.
"lemme' do a little dance for ya..."