Sunday, November 28, 2010

Bippin Beethoven

Alright, so I figured because I had the WTB for the week of Thanksgiving, I would do a movie that had something to do with turkey day. The only one that came to mind was Beethoven, although I'm not sure if there is even a Thanksgiving scene in the movie, I just remember the cover of the VHS. I watched this movie a lot when I was little. I don't really remember really super liking it or anything, just watching it a bunch.

Its a pretty lame flick and not very quotable. I figured it would be kind of a tougher one so I didn't count on getting too many guesses, in fact I was a little worried anyone would get it.

Dan submitted the first correct guess on Wednesday. He said Hope helped him out. I know help from one's spouse is allowed, but I dunno what the rules are for children, especially smart kids who routinely beat their Phd-weilding fathers at scrabble..... Just sayin'

B sent in the next Wright guess 1 hour 14 minutes later. Tough break, B! Then on Friday and Saturday it was George, who apparently is a Charles Groden fan, Em, who claims she was fairly oblivious to the existence of the film, followed by Matt, Amy, and Cat.

So I guess Dan wins. But I think he kinda cheated by askin Hope. You guys figure it out. If he is indeed found guilty of this heinous crime, then B wins and I like it when B wins. It makes me happy.

BTW - The blog was awful quiet this week. Heck, I didn't even get one complaint about my playlist. Lame! I was really hopin someone was gonna comment on it. Especially the Flogging Molly song, cause it's super interesting if you research the lyrics. Oh well, I guess I'll just have to cook up a nice batch of twangy little nuggets for next time.

Peace and blessings. Peace and blessings.


Pops said...

Waytogo Dan. Nice work getting in on Weds. I've no problem at if you got help from Hope. Why have kids if not to help the parents. I know Alex is kinda sensitive about his music so I held back any comments of mine on his playlist for they would have been negitive. I'll just say that a straight diet of your Meatloaf will be like going to heaven compaired to Spoons bad taste in music.

Dan W said...

I'm taking the win, baby. I was actually going to guess Beethoven because of the antfarm people, dog people line. She just felt more certain, so i submitted it with more confidence because of her collaboration.

I appreciate George sticking up for the Meat at least in comparison with Spoon's mess of list, but in order to give you all a break from me possibly getting revenge for the U2 bashing during the TAKEN chats, how about I pick the (Teri Garr) flick and run the game this week, and I have Hope do the playlist?

Pops said...

Aaaaw, youth! Yeah, sounds good to me to have Hope do the playlist. What are highschoolers listening to these days? Teri Garr? I'll guess Young Frankinstien. hahaha