Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I'm a spaz (surprise of the century) and accidentally posted the new playlist in a whole new post instead of just embedding the code. So I made a blog post that I can't figure out how to delete, so I figured I just might as well say something. So, why don't I do a review of a documentary Matt and I watched a little while ago?
We watched Imagine: John Lennon. It. Was. SO. Good. I have to say that Paul McCartney has always been my favorite Beatle, partly because his music is just a little more my style, but I gained SO MUCH respect for John Lennon throughout this movie. I also had a fairly stereotypical view of Yoko Ono before I watched this (Yoko was partially responsible for breaking up the Beatles and was selfish and demanded John's attention all the time, etc.) and boy was I wrong! I know it's probably a fairly biased film, but they were SO CUTE together. And he was just such a normal guy, it was so funny/sad to see how some people got obsessed with him to the point of showing up outside his house, thinking that he'd written a song for/about them, and shooting him. So here's some things that struck me about the film.

Holy cow, the Beatles were REALLY FAMOUS!!!!

Fame sucks sometimes.

Famous people are mostly normal too (unless there name is Kanye, or Henifer Lopez).

Matt looks like a young John Lennon.

Trying to use your fame for good (bed protests) brings out the people who try to say that anyone famous is doing it for the money.

Give peace a chance.

Yoko and John were really cute together.

It really really really really really really really really really sucks that he died when he did.


Haley said...

Wow that picture does look like Matt!

Amy said...


Dan W said...

Agree that this was a terrific movie and glimpse into his life, which was primarily one of integrity and commitment to peace and fostering overall good.

In the book I'm co-writing on peace building, we mention our admiration for Lennon's efforts even as we critique the ideas undergirding songs like Imagine in which peace is imagined as freedom from conflict and the sources for it--religion, countries, scarce resources, etc.--rather than a more robust form of peace that can be helpful to imagine in a world in which those things will not go away anytime soon.

Emily said...

Agree- Lennon and Yoko were cute. Yoko's solo music however, is not.

But I really came on here to say, "B, you mom would be very disappointed in you."

Matt said...

Henifer!! HAHA!

ooohhh... Si si si...

Amy said...

Emily, I wanted to "like" your comment, then realized I wasn't on facebook. Yoko's solo music definitely is NOT cute!

Sue said...

I've seen this documentary and loved it. I've been a fan of John Lennon as long as I can remember. Right now I'm looking at a beautiful charcoal drawing of him that I've had for more than 20 years and below that is a framed picture of the mosaic in the Strawberry Fields area of Central Park that says "Imagine". What a wonderful man. I've always liked Yoko because John loved her so much. I agree her solo stuff sucks really bad, but, John just loved her and saw no bad in her.

Remember Amy when "Double Fantasy" came out just a couple of months before John was killed and we had the 45 of "Just Like Starting Over" The B side was "Yes I'm Your Angel" and we would play it on 33? On 33 Yoko sounded like a bad drag queen singing. That was hilarious. I still have that 45.

This Monday on PBS they are airing a new documentary on John Lennon called "LENNONYC" I've heard some reviews of it, and it is supposed to be pretty good. I'm going to watch it.

He was a great man, Yoko had nothing to do with the Beatles break up and it's weird to think that if he were alive he would be 70. I bet he would have been the cutest septuagenarian ever, well not as cute as dad, so the second cutest.

Peace out John. You have been a major influence on my life.

Amy said...

Oh man, Sue, I remember that so well. So funny! I'm sure Ben remembers it too. I remember spending so much time in Ben and Dave's room listening to Beatles albums. I always thought it was cute, too, how John loved Yoko so much.