Thursday, November 18, 2010

Can't get enough super golden crisp

I don't post things here, in fact I rarely comment. It's nothing personal, just not my bag.

I have really wanted to do an ode to Emily for her birthday, which has been fun (kind of)

I love Emily. I love Emily!!!
When we first started to work together I always thought her name was Sue, and I thought she was snooty and stuck up...but she was just dead sexy (is that ok to say here?)
I really loved her smile, and her eyes, come to think of it I just loved her whole face, it was refreshing.
After working together for some time I realized that she wasn't too stuck up. She had a sense of humor that cracked me up. We watched a show of some people getting hit by cars, not a really funny scene unless you watched it with Em, then it was a riot...just flipping feet over heads.
I'm pretty shy, and though I really liked Em it took me a long time to ask her out-and then it wasn't like a real date, it was out for a drink. (a stiff coke at V.I.)

Emily and I are pretty different. She likes different music, she likes movies, she likes reading and stuff that makes people smart like artwork and junk. I like good music, not so much with movies, I only read church books as lame as that sounds, and I like things that make people dumb like sports...
Emily has this infectious way about the things that she likes, she makes you feel like her smart people stuff is neat and that you should get to know it. I discovered over the course of us dating that some of her tastes are tasty to me too.
I still marvel and learn so much from her and her passions.

Married life has been a blast with Emily. Rarely do we find dull moments, and our conversations are rich and fulfilling. She has to be some kind of woman to put up with me. I'm pretty stubborn and thoughtless, and she is just good.

I love my 2 daughters. They both have so much Emily in them. I love to watch Emily with them. I come from a home with a crazy mother, and a less than stable environment, so I get taken back to see what a good mother my wife is. Em is the most tender and compassionate selfless person I have ever know or heard rumor of. She has the ability to love people that few people possess.

I remember when she moved to NY and I went to visit I had great expectations of all the time we'd spend together...One day I was wondering what we were going to do together, and I was informed that I could do what ever I wanted, but that she was going to go give service at a homeless shelter/soup kitchen called 'loaves and fishes'. I cannot tell you how that touched my life, I think about it often still- you have a young, beautiful girl who is in NY on some (to me) pseudo extended vacation, who took the time and felt the inner calling to serve at some christian outreach place.

I love Emily. I Love Emily!!!!

Em, you are the best thing that has happened to me, and that continues to happen to me. Thank you for loving me, thank you for being such a good mother. And thank you for being you.



Emily said...

Good grief! This is what you do while I go take a bath??
Sneaky sneak.

I love you too and so do my grumbly flower hands.

ps Rob went with me to Loaves and Fishes, met my crazy friends there, helped me make a fruit crisp, and then we shared a lovely meal together.

Thank you for my babies.

Matt said...

This is cliche, but few people in this world have it as good as you two. What is amazing, is that I knew all this already without having to read it. The love you share I mean. Not necessarily the details.
You are a true inspiration to B and me.
Thank you SO MUCH Rob for loving my sister and letting her be the incredible person that she is.

I have so much sap coming out of my mouth I think I just swallowed the mosquito in Jurassic Park.

Amy said...

That was just about the sweetest thing I've ever read. I have to agree with Matt and everything he said. You two are an inspiration to us all. I love your differences and how you love and accept each other in every way. I'm also grateful that Emily found you, Rob. I love you guys so much. Travel safe today and I'm so happy you're coming for the weekend.

And, Matt, you should write greeting cards.

Haley said...

Haha Matt! That was really sweet and it's great that you two are so happy together. Not to mention the parents of some to the cutest girls in the world! Excited to see Harry Potter tomorrow!!! Oh, and see you guys too. ;)

Pops said...

Wow! You two just bring a tear to my eye just thinking about your family and the love and the good times you bring to each other and into our family. Thanks, Rob, for expressing your heart. Nice! We all need nice now and then. Love you both and Els and the Bean.

B said...

You guys er jis CYOOT!! (In Traycee voice).

But seriously, you guys inspire us. You're like the John and Yoko of this family.

Emily said...


Matt said...

I just gotta know, is the title of this a reference to the lame overly excited about nothing Golden Gram commercials? And you guys just find it hilarious? Pardon if I am intruding on an inside joke (I hope to have one of those some day- Michael Scott) but you kindof made it our business now by posting it...

A few awesome things about this post that made me smile or laugh or both since it's hard to laugh without smiling:

"Emily has this infectious way about the things that she likes, she makes you feel like her smart people stuff is neat and that you should get to know it."

SO true. You just want to like the things Emily likes. Plain and simple. It probably just comes from radiating a true passion and loving the person who is passionate.

I like that Rob discovered that she wasn't "too stuck up". HAHA!

The reference to the Wright family trait of finding humor in almost everything. And how much that pleased Rob while watching people get hit by cars with Emily.

LOVED the comment about Sports making people dumb. Makes me feel like I can take back my man card.

I can also see you guys having very rich and fulfilling conversations. That makes me happy. That is enough for now. But this whole post is full of things I love. I have read it 4 times already. haha.

Sue said...

This is a great post. Lots of nice things about Em. And it makes me happy that my sister found someone who loves her so much. And you guys make the cutest kids!

What is with the Super Golden Crisp? Cam sings that all the time when things are going well for him, or he had a good day at work.

Emily said...

Just to set the record straight- Super Golden Crisp is not a thing for us, that title is the first time I have ever heard Rob mention that old commercial. I can tell you that it IS very Rob.

Pops said...

Good post, good stuff from all of you. Love the family.....