Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom!!!!

Happy Birthday Mom!! I know you're not a regular on the family blog, but I'm sure someone will show you this little tribute to you. I asked everyone to send me ideas on things that you like and everyone's suggestions made me smile, because it reminded me of you. You are the best mom and grandma, and soon to be great-grandma anyone could ask for. I always thought I had the prettiest, funniest mom out of everyone. You were also such a good sport. Whenever I talk to one of my old friends they always ask about you, and we laugh at the memories of you taking us toilet papering or cruising Center Street in Provo. Your Utah girls miss you very much, and we will hopefully be out there soon to visit.

Here is a little list of things mom loves:

This is probably the most obvious one! Mom loves quilts and quilting! And all of us have benefitted greatly from her love of quilting, we all have some beautiful quilts mom has made for us. Thanks mom.

Mom loves Scotland! She loves everything Scottish and loves studying our Scottish family history. She has passed this love on to her kids, because both Emily and Amy had a love for Scotland on their birthday tributes.

Apparently mom just loves mexican food! Almost everyone listed mexican food as something she loves. She not only loves to eat it, but she is really good at making it. Just last Sunday I made mom's enchilada sauce and refried beans.

Mom loves American Idol, and loves to watch it with the whole family. I am just going to keep this picture saved to my computer because I'm sure I'll be using it for most birthday posts!

Beatrix Potter! Mom loves Beatrix Potter and I have many childhood memories of her reading us these stories. I'm pretty sure all 4 of your daughters still love Beatrix Potter because of you.

Mom loves Celine Dion! Dad says it is pretty much the only CD she listens to in her car.

Mom loves all her grandchildren very much, but as B said, she has a special relationship with her Bookies! And he just adores her.

This was something I didn't realize, but mom loves earrings! I knew mom owned a lot of earrings, and always wears them, but I didn't know "earrings are her LIFE!" (B told me that is a direct quote from mom).

Mom loves the Food Network. Rachel Ray and Paula Dean were the specific shows that were mentioned.

Mom loves English Gardens.

Mom loves woodland creatures, which I think is about the cutest thing ever. It directly ties in to her love of Beatrix Potter.

Dad says that mom loves lobster. She has it once or twice a year for special occassions. Hopefully dad is taking her out tonight for lobster.

And finally, mom loves The Bee Gee's! This is also a childhood memory of mine, mom playing the Bee Gee's on the living room stereo. (and sorry, I just had to pick this picture! Look at all those kittens crawling around on their chests!)

Mom also loves her family of course. She loves to hang out with us all and talk and laugh. Mom has the best laugh. The thing I love the most about that video of Kelly and Sarah that Matt posted is hearing mom laugh in the background. Emily said that Scout pointed out mom's laugh too. You are a lot of fun to be around, and I think I can speak for all your kids that we all have great childhood memories because of things you did. You always made holidays and birthdays so special and what I loved most were "special days" with you. And who else's mom would take her kids to the midnight showing of The Holy Grail?

Love you!!!!! Kisses!!!!!


Cat said...

She also used to take us driving around to pick out our "Cinderella Houses". Hope to see you soon, Mom! Love you.

Emily said...

Happy Birthday mom! Special days were a great tradition. I have so many great memories of you as a kid. You and dad always had the greatest parties. The gorilla club, bunko, Uncle Will in a diaper, dad's 40th with the old people races. I wish my friends threw parties like you did.

Bee Gees, haha!

Pops said...

Bee Gees, hahaha. I forgot them when I emailed you. She had them on just a few days ago. I admit to having a few of their songs on my Nano. Nice posting, Sue. You do such a good job. I fixed mom a special lunch today as it was my day off.... lobster, asparagrass, half an avacado with blue cheese. Very nice. We are going to Lander to an Asian cafe for dinner. Ben sent her some flowers.

Pops said...

I am taking Mom with me Jackson for three nights on April 17,18, &19 or whatever the friday, Sat & Sunday is on that weekend. I have an EMF/Fire Continuning education conference I have to attend for work. City paying for room and food. Mom will have a nice rest and can shop while I go to class and we can have a nice meal at night and go to movies. I gave her a 100 cash she can shop with in her birthday card today.

Sue said...

Ben sent her flowers? That is great! I'm sure that meant the world to her. I think that impact stuff is having some sort of "impact" on him! I was planning on calling him this weekend, I'll be sure to let him know that was a wonderful thing to do.

And you are so cute dad, fixing a nice lunch for her. And she will love spending the weekend in Jackson with you.

Pops said...

The hedgehog picture is so cute and it looks just like Tiggy that is in our tv room when Tiggy unrolls from its ball. We forgot squirrels. Mom just loves squirrels better than most woodland creatures and feeds about four wild ones in our back yard.

Emily said...

B brought up squirrels, but I guess they didn't make the cut. I remember when mom bought a squirrel feeder, she bought a bird feeder because she thinks squirrels like to be sneaky and have more fun stealing from a bird feeder then having an actual squirrel feeder. That cracked me up.

Sue said...

Yeah, squirrels just didn't make the cut. I tried to find a picture of all sorts of woodland creatures together, and I couldn't find a good one. I went with the hedgehog because of Tiggy. I do think it is just the cutest thing that mom loves woodland creatures so much! She's the real life Snow White! In fact, it just hit me! Mom is Snow White and we are the seven dwarfs!

Ben: Bashful
Amy: Doc
Dave: Grumpy
Sue: Happy
Cat: Sleepy
Em: Sneezy
Matt: Dopey

SORRY EM AND MATT! But I ran out of dwarfs! hahahahahha!

Emily said...

Haha! That is funny. Matt would make a good sneezy because he has that intense double sneeze thing sometimes. But that would make me Dopey in that case(which may work I guess while pregnant). I can also be sneezy while pregnant because I sneeze funny since it makes me gag.

Sue said...

Em, you make a good point. In fact, I think I should be sneezy. I've been sneezing so much lately Cam and I are wondering if I suddenly came up with an allergy to cats! Here is the new lineup:

Ben: Bashful
Amy: Doc
Dave: Grumpy
Sue: Sneezy
Cat: Sleepy
Em: Dopey
Matt: Happy

hee, hee, you get Dopey cause you're pregnant and you are a little dopey!

Amy said...

Great Birthday tribute to Mom, Sue, and everyone who helped. And, Mom, all of the things everyone said about you are true, and much more. Such great memories. You made our childhoods so great. I used to feel sorry for all other children because they didn't have you for their mom. You're the best. We love you. Happy Birthday. Sorry I couldn't go to lunch with you this week. We'll do it sometime when I get back.

The 7 dwarfs thing cracked me up.

Cat said...

I was going to suggest squirrels specifically, but then I thought that 'woodland creatures' captured all of them, including squirrels and didn't want to be redundant.

Matt said...

I will have to second Amy's comment. I can remember feeling bad for my friends because of how hud sauce their Moms were. And I can remember my friends saying how lucky I am for having such an awesome Mom. I have a ton of great memories of her as well. LOVE YOU MOM!

(oh, and that is funny Em that you remember my crazy double, and sometimes even triple sneezes! So weird! Mom also has some gnarly sneeze attacks, except rather than 3 in a nano second, she has 6 or 7 in the span of like 2 hours. We got polar opposite sneeze genes)

That was a long parenthesis

Pops said...

Nobody sneezes like mom. Sometimes at night after about about 15 minutes in bed she will run off a batch of 30 to 50. One right after the other. Thankfully, not often, every three months or so. Maybe Duncan switched her in the face with his tail? Nevertheless, mom is the Queen of sneezes when she gets going. Mom goes to Wal-mart (sorry Ems) every week to get squirel food. She buys preimum parrott food and raw peanuts in shell and other creature food. I have repaired the bird feeder about five times. I ought to show a picture of it. very funny, it looks a patched up tube with a plate on the bottom. PVC pipe, tin can, duct tape, gorrilla glue, JB weld....very creative patching if I say so myself. Thanks for all your comments. Mom loves them so.