Thursday, March 5, 2009

Happy Birthday Sarah!

Ok, I am going to attempt this, although I must admit when pressed, I didn't know all that much about Sarah. Her fb/myspace profiles were not any help either so this is what I came up with.

Sarah loves sleep, at least I assume she does as that is what she is doing most of the weekends I am around.

She loves the University of Wyoming and the football that is played there.

Dark Chocolate

I'm pretty sure she likes Weezer, sorry, that is one band I am pretty sure you like- sorry if you don't like them very much. Have pity! I'm your (getting more everyday) unhappening Aunt.
She loves Edward Cullen (notice I didn't put a picture of Rob Pattinson, since he is NOT her Edward Cullen and she can't give anyone a description of her Edward.)

Here are some things I remember her liking as a kid:

This is as close as I could get of a picture of her beloved doll that she tactfully named "Brown".

I know she doesn't spend much time on here, but I figured she deserved a birthday post being a member of the family.
Love you! Kisses!


Pops said...

Happy birthday, Sarah. I have been watching your "Broken Wing" song with kelly and remain amazed at how cute you guys are. Nice post, Ems. Good job.

Sue said...

Yay Em! I wasn't sure what we were going to do about family members that don't contribute to the blog! But I agree they should be recognized! Does Sarah even look at this blog?

You did a good job, perhaps we should have asked Amy for more stuff. I totally remember the Wizard of Oz obsession.

Emily said...

I thought about asking Amy but thought -eh! Maybe we'd know more about her if she did get on here more. I sent her a link to this post on her facebook wall.

Amy said...

Hey everyone! This is Sarah....Thanks so much for the birthday tribute. I am very impressed. Especially about the Rob Pattinson thing. (so true) So thanks everyone! It was awesome! You did a great job :)

Amy said...

Now this is Amy...Em, you did an amazing job thinking of things about Sarah. I don't know if I could have helped you much more. In fact, you thought of a couple I probably wouldn't have thought of. Thanks for the taking the time to recognize her birthday. Can you believe she's 20!! Time flies!

Marcus and Haley Crook said...

I must agree Em, you did a fantastic job! Haha, Brown. Good times. That is so weird that my little sister is 20!

Cat said...

Brown!! I forgot about her. She was mine when I was in 4th or 5th grade.

Amy said...

Yes, Brown was a beloved friend to Sarah. I'll never forget being about 38 weeks pregnant and sliding down the bank of Lake Ellis rescueing Brown! We gave it (not sure if Brown was male or female) bath and dried it out on the balcony for several days. Good as new!

Marcus and Haley Crook said...

That memory is very vividly etched in my mind! We were at the top of the hill and Sarah and I were each pushing a stroller with our dolls in it and Sarah had that pink and white one and accidently let it go. I remember seeing it speed down the sidewalk and turn and go straight into the lake! Then you get in there and rescue it and Sarah and I were bawling because we thought mom was going to drown! Even though it wasn't very deep, now that I think about it! Haha! Yes, you were very pregnant with Kelly at the time. Wow mom, you are a trooper! Good memories!