Friday, March 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Rob!

I know he's not on here much, but Rob is a contributer and it's his birthday! Why is this underlined? I can't get it to stop! Anyway, I couldn't think of many things that Rob likes. Em feel free to add.

Em told me that Rob is not a big movie fan, but I remember her saying Rob liked the movie Snatch. I think.

Golf, that's a no brainer.

I'm not sure if he's as into it as Em, but Rob likes Guitar Hero.

And this picture is supposed to represent nice men's clothing. Rob dresses very nice and Emily has joked that his clothes are nicer than hers.
Happy Birthday Rob!
Love you!!! Kisses!!!!

Emily's additions

He loves house and interior design.
Kelly Hoppen is his current favorite designer.

This is a recent find, that has quickly become the thing he looks forward to most at the end of the work day- going on the computer and seeing the new posts on failblog. I made the failblog symbol a link to the site if you'd like to check it out yourself. Some are in bad taste- which is NOT Rob's sense of humor and he doesn't care for those, but most are hilarious. (I know this because he is always excited to show me the top few of the day and we have a nice laugh).

Rob loves music
He LOVES Jazz. Mostly the no words, just good old fashioned Jazz. He listens to it on his ipod while working.

Here is something that may surprise some of you (it surprised me when I found out). He LOVES the Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the cds can often be found in the cd player of his car.

Sorry babe, if you wanted to keep that on the dl.

He loves a lot of hip hop, mostly the old school stuff, once it became really mainstream, he has kind of stuck his nose at most of that. He likes quite an array, most of which you all would probably have no idea about who they are, he does love Erykah Badu.

And finally-- He loves Ahi tuna. Cooked most any style, barely seared and sliced like this is always popular.

Love you, kisses!


Emily said...

Nice! I was actually sitting down to make one of these for Rob. I shall add a few additions.

Cat said...

Happy Birthday, Rob! Or, Em, tell Rob I said so!

Emily said...

You did good Sue by the way. He is better then me at GH, we are probably on par on love for it. And you remembered correctly, he does love Snatch. And Cat, he will be reading this for sure.

Matt said...

I heard that kind of Sushi is "heaven" I will have to try some day. I am liking Sushi more and more all the time.

Emily said...

It is good Matt, a definite must try. Surprisingly, it is one of the least fishy tasting fish you will ever eat (even raw).

Cat said...

The Mo Tab?!! Are you serious? That is so funny.

Emily said...

Alright, everyone has to go on over to failblog and watch the little video entitled "sleepwalking fail" and it shows a sleeping dog. That was easily the most fun I've had all day. I watched it 3 times.

It's about 5 or so pics down.

Emily said...

I just realized that by the time you guys read this, there will probably be a few more new additions, so you might have to travel a little further then five or so pics. It is soon after "All bow to satin". (Yes, I just watched it 2 more times).

By the way Matt, "sushi" refers to those yummy little rice rolls that may or may not contain raw fish. Technically, raw fish foods are called "sashimi".

rob said...

Hey Every body Thanks for the b-day wishes...
Cat, Sorry to hear about Kurt-I'm sad for the loss, but happy for Kurt, kind of bittersweet.

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Rob! Hope to see you guys soon! Sorry I'm late

Cat said...

Thanks, Rob. That's exactly what it is.

Pops said...

Biskit the sleepwalking dog is soo funny. Love it! Hitting the wall and wakeing up is the best.

Emily said...

Isn't that funny? I have seen dogs move their legs and twitch while sleeping, but that dog is doing a full on run. Hitting the wall is the best, then I like how it looks kind of sheepish.

ps- Rob told me that I went "Alton Brown" on Matt. Hee-hee.

Cat said...

I love the failblog. I can tell it's run by the same guy as Cheezeburger. They used to do "fail" all the time (animal fails only). This must be like a spin-off. They showed that dog clip on The Soup last week. Me and Travis laughed so hard.

Sue said...

You totally went Alton Brown on Matt!