Saturday, March 28, 2009

Happy Birthday Travis!!!!

Happy Birthday Travis!! It is such a nice day today, I hope you're not stuck at work. Catherine sent me a list of some things that Travis likes.

Travis likes England. His mother is from there, and Travis has been able to travel there a couple of times.

Travis likes to watch the History Channel.

He also likes Martial Arts movies. I'm not sure if these 4 are ones he likes, but it was the only picture I could find showing more than one movie.

Travis likes art. Not only does he enjoy art, but he is an artist himself. I am a huge fan of Travis' art.

He likes a ton of different music, but Led Zeppelin is one of his favorites. He especially likes Jimmy Page and John Bonham. Cat says he mostly listens to Zeppelin when he is drawing.

Travis' favorite comedian is Dave Chappelle. Good choice Trav! He is one of my favorites too. I'm Rick James!

He loves the animated shows. Some of his favorites are the Loony Tunes, The Simpsons, The Venture Brothers and Metalocalypse. But his very favorite is Futurama.

And finally, one of Travis' favorite past times is playing pool. He plays it a few nights a week and really enjoys playing on Dad's pool table.
Happy Birthday Travis!!
Love you!!!! Kisses!!!

And as a little side note, it is also my cat Onan's birthday today too. Don't worry, I'm not going to do birthday tributes for all my cats. Only Onan, because he has the same birthday as someone in the family.

I love this picture of Onan because of the eyes of course and because he is meowing at me. Because that is what Onan likes to do best, is follow me around and meow at me. He also likes wet cat food in the morning and he is my task master. He lets me know when they are low on water or dry cat food. Cam and I love to watch Onan eat the dry food, because he will only eat it off the floor. He will knock pieces out of the dish with his paw and eat them off the floor.

Onan also likes to take naps with his little sisters.
Happy Birthday Onan!!
Love you!!!! Kisses!!!


Pops said...

Happy birthday, Travis. We are glad you are part of this family. You too Cat. Cath, not Onan. funny eyes on that picture of Onan. Onan the barbaryion (sp)?
Nice posting, Sue, like always.

Cat said...

Yo,that was Metal! Thanks!

Cat said...

That was Travis thanking you, not me. He doesn't have a blogger account.

Emily said...

Happy birthday!! Hope it was nice. You too Onan.
I liked dad's cat comment.

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Travis, from the Phisters and the Crooks. Hope you had a great day. Hope to see you soon.