Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday's With Sue

So, I thought this was a Wright Family Classic! I'm not a huge fan of this movie, but I thought all you guys were! I had more wrong guesses than Wright ones! Cat guessed Mr. Deeds, Matt guessed The Money Pitt and Amy and Haley guessed Groundhog Day. Geez Amy and Haley, it's like you had something else going on and couldn't focus on Sunday's With Sue! So Emily guessed it Wright first, then Dan! Way to go Em, chalk up another win!

Here is this week's movie quote:

Person #1- Jus hang loose, blood. She gonna be hoppin back on the rebound a du some medicide.

Person #2- Hey, what it is big momma? My momma didn't raise no dummy. I dug her rap.


Amy said...

Oh man! Yes, we are a little distracted now. The lines were familiar to me, especially the "why do birds suddenly appear" one, but I just couldn't get it. I haven't seen this movie in so long. Good job Em and Dan!
I don't think I've seen the next movie. No familiarity with those lines.

Dan W said...

Nice, Em! Congrats! When did you get it? From Monday's clue or Wednesday's? I had it within a minute of reading the Wed hint, so if then, you were way fast! Way to roll!

And Sue, I really like this movie and can see why it would be a likely Wright family classic. What about it makes you not be a fan? My favorite scene is when Charlie and Roxanne fight at the end, especially when she can't understand what he's saying about "leaving" and thinks it's "sleeving" or something like that.

Fun word verification: zings

Emily said...

I got it Sun night. The first quote was automatically familiar to me. The mayor says it and it always struck me as a funny thing to say. I think the movie is pretty funny, I haven't seen it in a long time, but it was a movie I would watch whenever I saw it come on tv.
Zings! That is Rob and I. We call each other zing and Scout- baby zing. It's a term of endearment in our family.

Dan W said...

Wow. Great job knowing it that early! It was really familiar to me, too, but after stumbling in my brain with it for an hour or so Sunday, I just gave up and hoped I'd get it from the Wednesday clue.

Thinking about Roxanne this morning, another funny bit came to mind: When the cute firefighter is forced to try wooing Roxanne alone without the chief's assistance (pretty sure in the same scene with the "why do birds suddenly appear" exchange) and he tries to complement her breasts, he compares them to pillows and declares: "I want to fluff your pillows." Lorri and I have laughed about that one through the years. Gotta get my smooth moves from somewhere, you know. (Oops, hope that wasn't TMI.)

Fun on zing and baby zing as Pugh family nicknames!

Pops said...

Scout baby Zing. Love it!! too cute, just like Scout herself. I Saw a little bit of T.K.a M. last night. "Say, Boo!" G. Peck is one of the best!
I am pretty sure I have never seen the new SWS movie. I don't see Chris Rock or Martin Lawrence movies. The quote sounds like it might be one of them.

Sue said...

Dad and Amy are totally wrong when they say they haven't seen this movie. I know for a FACT they have seen this movie.

I love Gregory Peck in To Kill a Mockingbird! Cam and I were dating when Peck died and I told Cam that night how much I loved that movie. The next day, he bought a copy of it and gave it to me. How cute is that?

Sue said...

Dad, I like Chris Rock, but I really can't stand Martin Lawrence.

Did you know that Robert Duvall played Boo Radley in Peck's To Kill a Mockingbird?

Pops said...

Sure did! A very pasty white Robert Duvall. Mostly silent as I remember. Have you seen "Tender Mercies" lately? Vintage Duball.
"12 OClock High" is another good Peck movie as well as "Big Country"
So you know I have seen this SWS movie. Well, I will be supprised.

Sue said...

Looks like you guys need some help! Here is the Wednesday hint:

Person #1-Can I ask you a question?

Person #2-What is it?

Person #3-It's an interrogative form of sentence used to test knowledge. But that's not important right now.

Pops said...

How do you KNOW for a FACT that I have seen this movie? Were you there? It is a mystery to this mysterious father.

Haley said...

You have seen it grandpa, I'm sure you have!

B said...

Have I seen it? I'm pretty sure I haven't...

Sue said...

I know for a fact that you have seen this Oh Father of Mysteries because it is a Wright Family Classic, I would say one of the originals. And I have seen it with you on more than one occassion and you quote this movie! One line in particular.

As for you B, I have no idea if you've seen it. If you haven't, that's a shame.

Okay, here is the friday quote. I hope this helps dad:

Adult man: You ever been in a cockpit before?

Little boy: No sir, I've never been up in a plane before.

Adult man: You ever seen a grown man naked?

Pops said...

What the bip! I have seen it a lot. The rap talk I still don't remember where that came from. Good job, Susie. You sure got me there. Was it that screwball guy in the tower that pulled the electric plugs?